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Welcome to the DIPC Community Wiki! This is a place to collect useful information for the researchers, staff, and visitors of the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC). The wiki is community-run and no official web presence of the DIPC! While waiting for the new DIPC website we can use it to compile here the information that we would like to have available on there. Please make ample use of links to the DIPC website, whenever the information needed is already there (no need to duplicate effort).

DIPC does not provide, check, accept or in any way endorse the information and commentaries collected here. The opinions expressed here are those of their authors. Hints and how-to guides are compiled in good faith and with the intention to be as accurate and helpful as possible, but no guarantee is provided. Please be careful of copyrights and privacy: do not submit copyrighted work without permission and do not share private data (except your own if you want to do so).

All Wikis are as good and useful as their users make them. Please join, be bold, edit constructively, and assume good faith on part of the other users. All edits are reversible, but if you want to learn the Wiki syntax, it's best to start in the Sandbox. If you would like to do larger changes to an existing page that others have edited before, it is a good idea to first raise the question on the discussion page. Redlinks mean that the page linked to does not exist. It is basically a call to action, to please create that page and fill it with appropriate content. If there is a point you would like this wiki to address but you cannot do it yourself, you can create a redlink (by enclosing the title of the suggested page in double square brackets).

What we aim to provide here

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