Administrative issues outside DIPC

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  • identification cards
  • empadronamiento
  • health
    • Tarjeta Sanitaria (card of the public health insurance Osakidetza)
    • Tajeta Sanitaria Europea: to access health services when traveling within the European Union; can be solicited from Osakidetza
    • Carpeta de Salud (BakQ), service by Osakidetza to consult/interact with your medical information online (registration required, can be done offline in your health center)
  • driver's license (how to transcribe your foreign permit to the Spanish one)
  • public transport: MugiCard and Lurraldebus Card: reduce prices for frequent travelers
  • Tarjeta Ciudadana (by the city: access to libraries, sports centers etc)
  • taxes/presupuestos