Where can I get coffee?

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Coffee is of course very important to the working physicist. Consequently, around DIPC there are many ways to get coffee. First, there is the DIPC community coffee every weekday at 11h in the DIPC Cafeteria. Free coffee and cookies are provided. Please join, everybody is welcome! Please bring your own cup!

There are coffee machines in the DIPC kitchen, so you can brew your own coffee all day from morning to night. Bring your own pads ("Nescafe DolceGusto" or compatible) and cups.

There are four university canteens in the close vicinity (less than 5 minutes walking distance), open for business during working hours: Chemistry (8:00h - 20:00h), Computer Science (8:00h - 19:00h, 943.015.006), Psychology (8:00h - 20:00h, Tel. 943.015.734), and the canteen in the Centro Ignacio Mª Barriola (943 21 21 68).

The Café Etna, Andrestegi 8 behind the university library serves a selection of excellent coffees.