Getting access to online articles?

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If access to a article/journal of interest is not directly possible (even if logged in from a DIPC computer), you can also look in the library of UPV/EHU or ask the DIPC librarian (Karmela Alonso; Tel. 943015964) for help. Via the interlibrary-loans system they can provide articles from a large net of libraries (you can also loan books this way, though not electronically for all I know).

If you have a UPV/EHU email account (if you do not, you can ask IT support for one), then you can apply for an account in the library (ask Karmela for the required forms). This gives you access to the full library catalogue, and in case of journals not available there, you can then ask for it via inter-library loan. Ikerbasque researchers have "have teacher status for library use" (i.e., they are counted among as part of the "profesorado" for these purposes). It may be that junior researchers or visitors can not fully profit from this offer. In that case, please ask the librarian or ask an Ikerbasque colleague for help.

Typically, you can get the electronic copy of the article within 48h via interlibrary loans.